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Koplin's Players Pro Shop is staffed by two past PBA professional bowlers, Roper Koplin and John Eberhard.

They have a combines 60 years + experience in the bowling industry and have established themselves as the premier Bowling Pro Shop in the Gardnerville/Minden area.

Former Touring Pro

Roger is a titled PBA member and was an active participant on the regional and PRO Tour in the 70s, 80s and a few years in the 2000s. He also bowled a few years on the senior tour. He has retired from the PBA, and his PBA tournament title banner is displayed inside his shop.

Along with his 130+ 300's and 12 800's, he has the distinction of throwing 48 strikes in a row while doing a Demo for Track as a Staff Member.

He has been on Ebonite, Hammer, Track staffs starting in the 1980 through 2005.

About John Eberhard

Recently, John retired from his last pro shop (inside Grand Sierra Resort) and is now the official instructor for Roger's Players Pro Shop inside Winks Silver Strike Lanes located at 1281 Kimmerling Road in Gardnerville, NV.

John Eberhard is a 35 year member of PBA, has 12 300 games, 4 800 series sets and is a certified USBC bowling coach.

Together, John and Roger have a combined 60+ years of ball drilling experience.

You can visit them at their Pro Shop inside Winks Silver Strike Lanes at 1281 Kimmerling Road, Gardnerville, NV 89460.

A True Story

Published in Bowlers Journal under the Dr Bowlgood column in the 1980s.

Q Recently, one of our local bowlers – Galen Gentry – made an equipment change I’ve never seen before. After bowling games of 182 and 133, he exchanged his white towel for a Thunderbolt towel and promptly shot a 300 game.

Where can I get one of those towels?

John Eberhard, Stockton CA.

A The towel you speak of is unavailable. It, and others like it, have to sent to the American Bowling Congress’ newly formed “Towel Practices Committee” for analysis. If something fishy is found, the score bowled with this towel could be wiped out.
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