No Whining Bowling Services

The Move is complete! My new location is inside the bowling center at GSR (Grand Sierra Resort Casino).

With the move comes a new name. Henceforth, we will be know as "No Whining Bowling Services".

The address is 2500 E 2nd St., Reno, NV 89592.

You are welcome to stop by and visit the “No Whining Zone” for all you're bowling needs

My summer hours are Noon - 6 pm Monday - Saturday and Noon - 4 pm on Sunday.

Starting September 1, my projected winter store hours will be 11 AM - 7 PM Monday - Friday  and Noon - 6 PM on weekends.

My old phone number of 775-624-0300 is still active. That phone number is being forwarded to my cell phone, so I may answer with a hello rather than 'No Whining Bowling Services'.  When GSR provides me with my own extension, I will forward the 624-0300 number to the shop. 

Featured Equipment

We feature Storm, Roto, Columbia, Ebonite, Hammer, Motiv, Track and Genesis plus a selection of bags and shoes. 

 We are a Strike & Effects Ebonite Pro Shop, authorized Dexter, Vice, Turbo and Storm Retailer.  

We do interchangeable thumbs (either the Vice IT or Turbo Switch Grips) and also can do switch grip fingers, although we mostly use switch grip fingers on demo balls.

Service is Our Game

Our goal is to provide our customers with the absolute best service possible. We DO NOT just sell our customers a bowling ball, but insure that not only it's the correct ball, but that it is drilled specifically for their style of bowling.

Get Equipment Drilled For Your Game! 

Want your ball drilled for your game? Call us for an appointment. Or you can just come by during regular business hours.

If you do not know where your PAP is located, what your axis rotation is, and what all that means CLICK THIS LINK and read why it is mandatory that you do. Then call my shop at 775-624-0300 and make an appointment today. 

New bowlers, experienced bowler or someone who seeks to get better, call me. You will have your eyes opened to how layouts effect the balls reaction to a lane, particularly when your personnel layout information is plugged into the process.

Don't Accept Guesswork

Go to: Layouts Explained. There is a full explaination on why you need to have your game analized BEFORE you buy a ball.

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