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The Summer Doubles

Roger Koplin Jr, owner of Players Pro Shop, and Jim Winklepleck, owner of Winks Bowl, are happy to announce return of the Summer Doubles tournament on June 13th. They have named it the 2nd Annual Summer Doubles, which isn't much of a surprise since it is the second year they are running it.

The Summer Doubles format is a 3 game, handicap doubles tournament that has the option to bowl scratch singles and/doubles. It's fast, costs only $20.00 per team (plus $5.00 each for the scratch side events, so it will not be hard on the wallet) and is open to anyone with a USBC card. Teams can be all men, all women, or mixed.

Last year was a moderate success, but this year entries are coming in fast. We have already reached last years entries and are looking the double last years entries. We have extended the Summer Doubles through October to give EVERYONE a chance top participate in our tournament.

Plans for the Mega Tournament were shot down because of the Covid-19 disaster, which has caused financial hardships to many of the bowlers who had originally sighed up for that tournament, but just did not have the money to spend for a weekend in Nevada.

This is a nice little tournament for bowlers wanting to bowl in SOMETHING after having to spend the last few months staring at walls.

Come on and bowl the Summer Doubles! It will only take a little over an hour. Bring a few friends along and enjoy a social outing again.

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