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The Summer Doubles

The Summer Doubles Tournament started June 13 and will run through October 4. Teams will consist of any 4 bowlers with a current USBC average.
The Summer Doubles format is a 3 game, handicap doubles tournament that has the option to bowl three side events at the same time. It's fast, costs only $20.00 per team (plus $5.00 each for each side event. Side events are: Scratch Doubles, Scratch Singles and Handicap Singles.

More Details, rules and to enter online, CLICK HERE

Upcoming September 26 -27

HAMMER PINS 2020 Fall Team Scratch Team Classic
Teams - Singles - Doubles - All Events

The 2020 Fall Team Scratch Classic is schedule for September 26 & 27. This is a 4 man tournament with Team, Doubles, Singles and All Events with a $150 entry fee. Teams can be any 4 bowlers, but a maximum of 1 PBA or PWBA bowler per team. It is a SCRATCH event.


Coming in 2021 - The Mega

MEGA 2021 - A Tournament For All Bowlers

Winks Bowl and Koplin's Players Pro Shop will be running the MEGA Tournament next year. They had planned to introduce the MEGA this year, but COVID19 interrupted their plans. Look for this tournament next year. Bookmark this website, or the Mega Website for more updates.

Keep in mind: The
MEGA is a Tournament created for bowlers by bowlers!

Details of the MEGA Tournaments - Click Here

It's All About Striking

You might call this a
"Charitable" Strike!

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To Strike, Once Must First Deliver The Ball - Usually on the same Lane
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